1. as a devil; in an evil manner

his writing could be diabolically satiric

Syn: ↑diabolically, ↑fiendishly
Derived from adjective: ↑fiendish (for: ↑fiendishly), ↑devilish, ↑diabolic (for: ↑diabolically)
2. in a playfully devilish manner

the socialists are further handicapped if they believe that capitalists are not only wicked but also devilishly clever

Syn: ↑devilish
Derived from adjective: ↑devilish
3. (used as intensives) extremely

she was madly in love


deadly dull


deadly earnest


deucedly clever


insanely jealous

Syn: ↑madly, ↑insanely, ↑deadly, ↑deucedly
Usage Domain: ↑intensifier, ↑intensive

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